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Electronic Function Generator



Manufacturer of Electronic Equipment including 160 MHz Sweep/Function Generators, Log Amps, Detectors and other tools for Circuit Design and Component Testing.

Our Function Generator is fully synthesized with two markers for wide and narrow band sweeps. This high stability instrument can be used to sweep crystals, IF filters, IF amplifiers and other narrow band devices that are not possible to sweep with non synthesized generators.

This Function Generator produces the fastest 5 Volt peak to peak square waves with +/-DC offsets to drive any kind of logic. The function generator has flat sine wave sweeps with less than 0.5dB peak to peak flatness.

For even flatter sweeps use two identical detectors and your scope in the A-B mode to provide scalar network analyzer functionality.

These products based on the Analog Devices AD9854, AD8310, AD8361.

Use this generator to check the clock sensitivity your digital products or use it to check those nasty spurious responses of crystals that can cause a crystal to hop to another frequency.

Can be used to measure Q and Inductance of RF inductors at the actual operating frequency. Allows user to accurately design, build and test filters and other devices that include those un-characterized the parasites.

Use the generator as an FSK or AM Transmitter-Exciter with controllable rise and fall times to reduce splatter.

With the RS232 Interface our generators can be used for automated production testing with out tying up an expensive network analyzer.

160 MHz Sine/Square Function Generator Details

Fully synthesized versatile wide band sweep-function generator.

400 MHz Log Detector Details

90dB 400 MHz log amp detector providing scalar network analyzer performance.

2500 MHz Linear Detector Details

30dB 2500 MHz linear amp detector providing scalar network analyzer performance.


Additional accessories to compliment the above products...

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To provide industry with high value low cost instrumentation solutions.

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